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Planning to get married in France? Hattonchâtel Chateau offers a unique wedding location, a wedding venue which will give you that unforgettable experience. From an small intimate private dream wedding for two or a lavish affair for over 100 wedding guests, our romantic castle hideaway provides your fairytale dream day.
If you want to get married in France and hold your wedding Reception at this magnificent Chateau.   The French castle is overflowing with an abundance of elegance and magic for the happy wedding couple to enjoy. We offer a very charming Castle retreat for your guests.

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Hold your wedding ceremony in the typically french chapel at the side of the castle, portrayed in the photogragh below or a decorated wedding alter in the glorious gardens, the atmosphere is simply overwhelming.

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With its fairytale appearance, the castle has exactly the right mixture of sparkling ingredients for a magical, exciting and unforgettable experience.
Float around the glorious gardens sipping iced champagne, savouring the precious moments with your close family and friends.

A  romantic destination wedding at the French gothic castle "Hattonchâtel  Chateau" is a dream, which we will make come true. Our professional hotel staff, take great joy in helping you to organise your romantic castle wedding.

We are at your service, with a selection of wedding breakfast menus, small or large flower decorations, bridal bouquet, wedding photography, wedding transport, wedding music and more.
Your Chateau, Castle wedding abroad, should be a unique experience for both the bride, groom and wedding guests and we take the utmost care to ensure that you can enjoy it absolutely undisturbed. For this reason, the chateau normally hosts only one wedding per weekend. Getting married in France is extremely popular,which is why you should contact the French Castle in order to get your dream wedding day abroad guaranteed.

Legal Civil Weddings
There are three important points:

    * Religious weddings services in France are never legal ceremonies.
    * A religious ceremony can only be performed after a civil wedding has taken place.
    * For a civil wedding there is a long residency requirement.

Getting legally married in France without help is quite a daunting prospect to organise. Therefore are we available with all inquiries about the legal aspect of getting married in France, before and during your wedding.
Church Weddings

You can have a civil ceremony in your home country or elsewhere first, then a religious wedding in France. There is no residency required in this case. You have to already be legally married under French law by the time a religious ceremony takes place and you will be required to have proof of this. If you wish to get married in France and don't know how to get married in france , pleace get in contact with the Castle Hattonchâtel Château. The Castle is one of the most beautiful places to get married in france.


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